May 10, 2009
Posted By: Jonden Jackson

Well, well, well. It has taken 7 months to get to this day but it has finally come. ECTOMACHINE is officially up and running. We had the idea of starting a small web based team around the summer of 08′ and it has finally come to life after many months of deliberation of what we wanted out of it and where we envisioned it going. Since then, the following months have been spent coming up with a name, creating the identity, laying out the site and blog, and figuring out our market. We all still juggled our 8-5’s while creating this beast and I started to doubt that we would see this day, so if we learned one thing out of this we have a new found respect for patience.

Our goal for this little labor of love is very simple. To dominate. Ok, that sounds a bit harsh. Honestly we just want to give people design that speaks volumes, reaches their market, and helps their business or band grow to stand out from the competition. It is what we love to do.

So take a look around if you haven’t already, check out our services, visit our blog, or if you want just simply contact us and let us know what your favorite John Hughes movie is. Either way, just keep visiting!

Much more to come…

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