Lead us into fall

September 5, 2009
Posted By: Jonden Jackson

Hola! Well in our typical ‘one news post per month’ fashion have found ourselves on Labor Day Weekend! Apologies for not posting any news for the month of August, things have been crazy and figured we would catch you up in…well…now.

We have been feverishly working on some cool stuff and one BIG secret project that we can’t say much about but can’t wait to show off. We have hooked up with an Italian based development company EgoRego that needed some design work and we gladly accepted. On a side note, to all the designers out there, I will say if you want a challenge, start designing for another language. Oddly you design a little differently, I am not sure why but I humbly accept. You can never try enough new things, right?

During the month of August we also had two new blog posts. 8 Useful CSS Tips and Tricks and 25 Amazing Inspirational Poster Designs. Check them out, one for insight and one for inspiration, oh and leave a comment if you would like, we love the feedback.

We also released a new brand / identity piece Camora Photography. It received some love from Logofromdreams, Brandstack, LogoFi, and LogoFury to name a few. So a big thank you to them for the features!

That’s all for now, keep up with us! Follow us on Twitter, check us out on Flickr, or just email us.

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