25 Amazing Inspirational Poster Designs

August 25, 2009
Posted By: Jonden Jackson

25 Amazing and Inspirational Poster Designs
Here at ECTOMACHINE we are huge fans of poster art. Ranging from Vector Based, Photo Based, Typography Based and just about anything and everything in between. As long as it looks good and has a clear and concise message, and sometimes even NOT!

8 useful css tips and tricks

August 2, 2009
Posted By: Jonden Jackson

8 Useful CSS Tips and Tricks
We love uncovering secrets about web development. Sometimes it can be easy as 1-2-3 and sometimes…well..sometimes it can be a little more demanding to say the least. However, what we really love is uncovering new secrets about web development that are a breeze to execute. So with that being said we have created a little list to share with you composed of some new ( and older ) CSS tips and tricks that you may not be aware of.