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January 6, 2010
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Where does the time go? We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and a great new years, I know we did! 2009 was the year we launched ECTOMACHINE so that year will always be a special year to us and now that we approach turning one years old this year we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

A recap of 2009:
2009 was a whirlwind. Not only was ECTOMACHINE launched this past year it exceeded all expectations for us out of the gate. In our first month we had 30,000 + visitors and we still receive great traffic and great new ventures daily that came from that initial spike of interest.

Over the year we had many of our logos featured on many sites, as well as the web sites we designed and developed, one in particular getting chosen as one of the best web sites of 2009 by CSS Creme.

Going in at first we had no idea what to expect but seeing 2009 through and still standing in 2010 feels great and we really want to make this year our year to shine and expand even more, so here is to 2010.

To start off this year we have been featured on LogoMoose in their latest blog entry: 10 Great Portfolios From Our Submitters and on CSS Elite in the Best of The Best area of their website for 2009. So major thanks to those guys!

In passing we would like to give a huge thank you to anyone ( big or small ) that gave us a feature on their blog, gave us a tweet mention, or just simply kept stopping by to see what’s up.

Keep Tuning In..

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