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September 20, 2010
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Well it’s official. It’s time to return to that old sinking feeling when one of the best things is going missing for awhile. Yes, you heard it everyone. Summer is over. This is a bummer for a myriad of reasons that we could get into but instead of doing that we will embrace the colder months with approaching holidays and awesome jobs we are excited about.

This past summer was astounding to say the least for us but one of the most important things that has come about is we have added a new member to our team. Can he design like a bad ass? Check. Can he shred like a bad ass? Check. Yea, just in case you were wondering that is all we expect of anyone who works with us. His name is Portland and is the founder of the design agency SonsOfNero who specialize in Album art, print, and merchandise. He has jumped right in to some of our projects and has killed it every time. In fact you can check out one of the first collaboration pieces we have done in our identity section for our new client Tackle Express. You can also find him on Twitter so give him a follow.

Also over the past month we have launched the website for our new client and good friend Albert (Private) Grave. Albert is an illustrator and aspiring tattoo artist who approached us with a very unique vision and theme for his website. He wanted to create something dark but still have a little tongue and cheek humor to back it up all while displaying his sketches, drawings, blog posts, poetry and travel pictures. This project has some of my favorite work of ours so you should definitely check out the site for Private Grave here.

Even though Summer is leaving us we have a lot of great new projects coming up so keep checking in.

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