Boys of Summer

June 29, 2010
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It’s officially summer, and for us that means three things. Beautiful weather, excellent parties, and slamming Will Smith songs to sum up EXACTLY how we feel right now. Ok that last one was a bold faced lie but we are very excited about this summer and we are even more excited about the work that has been coming our way. We have a some big projects that we will be releasing this summer but to start it off right let us introduce one of the personal favorites.

A couple of months back we were contacted by Sons of Nero, a design agency who we have kept up with and admired through the years and in their own right are one hundred percent on top of their game. They approached us to create a website for a band called Every Time I Die. Being listeners of this band made this opportunity even more sweet so we jumped right on it. From design, to development, to the CMS we carefully attacked the project with as much precision as possible and wanted to make it something to remember, so go check out the site HERE!

Yes this news post is short but we have been working like crazy and can’t wait to show off the new work this summer. From new album art, to new logos, and new websites. It’s all coming!

Keep tuning in..

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