Sprowty: Logo Design Process

November 4, 2010
Posted By: Jonden Jackson

We were recently approached to come up with a full scale identity, branding, and themed strategy for a start up social / job networking site. The initial idea for the site had been laid down however there was nothing set in stone for the creative aesthetic or theme for the site. After days of careful thought, planning, and initial logo designs we created sprowty. The idea around the site is a friendly way of networking jobs that is very simple in principal. You can either complete peoples jobs that they want done or you can post jobs you want others to do. For instance, you want someone to write you up a resume for $10? Simple, just sign up, post the job and pick who you want to tackle the task. This is the whole function of the site, but there was no theme for it.

Here is where Ectomachine came in. What we proposed is having 2 roles for members. Either be a Seeder or a Sprowter. The idea of the site would stay the same however with a fun theme of posting a job would be ‘Planting a Seed’ and doing a job would be ‘Sprowting a Seed’. With this very simple ideology the creativity just kept rolling and sprowty was born.

So now we had the name, the concept, and the site architecture. Now it was time to brand sprowty.

First, just like every logo we do, we started with some rough sketches. Some say sketching the idea of your logo is always the most valuable and important part of creating a good identity piece. It allows you to explore options and remove yourself from the computer entirely to focus on the sketching of ideas and really flesh them out. Now that the sketches were done I picked the top 3 that I thought fit sprowty the most.

sprowty logo sketches

My first instinct was to go with the budding seed. So I grabbed the sketch and went straight to vectoring the logo. Piece by piece it was starting to take shape.

sprowty logo initial design

For a solid presentation to show the client I explored a quick color option and went through some nice typefaces until I landed on a font I thought fit the theme. There had been no customizing to the type yet but I wanted to get the foundation.

sprowty logo design process

After having the first concept done I moved straight to the second concept. This concept derived from the first sketch of the ‘S’ ambigram with leaves on each end of the S. During sketching I wanted to steer clear of a traditional S shape so here is what I ended up with. Also the ambigram shape looked a little lonely and stagnant by itself so I encased it in a circle and it really gave it a more balanced feel to it.

sprowty logo

Again I found another font that I felt went with the theme of the brand and had good harmony with the ‘S’ symbol. This time I started customizing the type and spacing to get the feel right. I also threw in some quick color for good measure. At this point I felt that things were really starting to shape up and had almost abandoned the seed logo mock because I felt so confident in this concept.

sprowty logo 2

I presented both options to the client and the feedback was positive on both but the overall decision was to continue on with concept 2. I wholeheartedly agreed, except with this next round the client wanted to explore a thicker ‘S’ shape and bigger leaves but still keep the ambigram idea. I knew I didn’t want to change it too much but rather enhance it from the original idea. Here was the outcome:

new sprowty logo

I was most confident in this version of all the concepts and really thought it encompassed everything we were after. Strength, Simplicity, Fun, and Memorable. There was only one thing that didn’t feel quite right with this version. The circle. So I simply removed it!

sprowty symbol

Now it was time to add the new symbol with the customized type. I reverted back to the same customized type I used for concept two and did a few new spacing adjustments to the letters to really get the feel right. I presented this finalized piece to the client and we both knew we had ‘The One’.

sprowty type

Now it was time for some color options for the brand as a whole. I really wanted to focus on a kind of 70s Technicolor vibe but also incorporate colors that come to mind when I think of farms. Yellows, greens, browns, and creams.

sprowty colors

After going through more greens than I care to remember I landed on one that I thought was perfect for our logo.

Final Sprowty logo

So that’s the breakdown of the sprowty logo. We hope you enjoyed it and be sure to look out for a special look into the site design in the next coming months. Below is the logo mixed with some of the site elements and a quick stationary example.

sprowty illustration

sprowty illustration

sprowty stationary

  1. Rosanna

    Posted on Nov 6th, 2010 at 6:35

    I really like the idea! Think it’s really a winning concept! Good choice with the logo – definitely the best one!

  2. Prakash

    Posted on Dec 1st, 2010 at 6:35

    Really nice blog ever seen, which is very clean, effective & impressive.The design works done with logos are amazing.

  3. Ram

    Posted on Dec 30th, 2010 at 6:35

    Inspirational listing for the logo designs. Love this collection which i haven’t seen ever before.

    Thank you so much for share this lovely collection.

  4. Joe

    Posted on Jan 11th, 2011 at 6:35

    Real nice post here! Thanks