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  • Forefathers
    We just noticed it has been since November 2010 since a news post was made on our behalf so we are more then overdue.
    Posted On: March 11, 2011
  • Set In Motion
    Wow, it's hard to believe it's already the Thanksgiving holiday. It seems the busier we get the more time flies. Tons of new stuff has happened here at the camp since the start of fall.
    Posted On: November 23, 2010
  • Fax Shadow
    Well it's official. It's time to return to that old sinking feeling when one of the best things is going missing for awhile. Yes, you heard it everyone. Summer is over.
    Posted On: September 20, 2010
March 11, 2011

We just noticed it has been since November 2010 since a news post was made on our behalf so we are more then overdue. With that being said, it’s not that we have completely forgotten, it’s just we have been beyond busy since the beginning of 2011 and just now caught a second to give a quick update on the whirlwind that is currently going on.

First and foremost, we would like to announce that we will be slowly closing the doors to Ectomachine. What?! Yes. It’s true. You may be asking why? Well to put it simply it’s time to expand. At the beginning of this year all intentions were set to expand Ectomachine from much more than what it currently portrays. As some of you may know we have been working alongside the great team over at Sons Of Nero on quite a few projects over the past year and the projects between us just kept adding up and piling on. The next thing we knew we had a slew of great jobs and not really sure what name to put the jobs under considering both hands were in a lot of the projects. So the answer was obvious. Instead of trying to push Ectomachine from it’s current state why not take all the great things that it has given us and team up with another design powerhouse to create something purely magical and new in terms of design, branding, and the web as a whole. Well that is just what we are doing now.

With the approaching summer we would like to announce the coming of Forefathers. We will be unveiling a piece at a time and are in the thick of the wireframing and design of our official site with a hopeful launch date of July 04th, 2011. Forefathers will still be focusing on many start-up companies, corporate and local companies alike along with the fantastic addition of much more music and band related projects. For now you can check on our progress on the above mentioned link and also follow us on twitter @Forefathers and don’t be afraid to reach out, we are already taking new jobs.

There will be a couple of more work posts from the Ectomachine camp over the next month but they will slowly be winding down. The site will still remain but there won’t be many more posts this summer. It’s been an amazing 2 years with Ectomachine and it completely exceeded all expectations of what was meant to do. We had the opportunity to work on some beautiful projects with kick ass clients and I personally couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Also thank you for reading this and keeping up with us. We promise we will not let you down. Here’s to the future.

Jonden / Ectomachine

Set In Motion
November 23, 2010

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s already the Thanksgiving holiday. It seems the busier we get the more time flies. Tons of new stuff has happened here at the camp since the beginning of fall. We have featured new work, new blog posts, and also expanded even further in our social direction.

Over the fall we got to launch a new fall tour site for a band called The Summer Set alongside our good friends at Sons Of Nero. The site implemented something we have never done which was feature a video blog, photo gallery, and ticket purchase for each stop on the tour. It really turned out great for the band and was very cool seeing it utilized to it’s full function. You can check out the full site here.

Also over the past couple of months we have gotten to explore some really cool new identity and branding pieces for clients. Our three newest for Van Harte, Sprowty, and Tackle Express have been featured in the Identity section of our site.

The Ecto blog has also been seeing lots of love lately with our two newest posts featuring our Logo Design Process of Sprowty and also our first tutorial, Create A Vintage Style Poster. So check them out!

In our latest endeavor we have created a Tumblr blog along with our own custom theme aptly titled Low Culture. This was our first custom theme creating and we learned alot about the functionality and flexibility of tumblr. Tumblr themes are also another service we offering now and they are great option for micro blogging or even as a small news site. So check us out on Tumblr.

We would like to wrap up stating that 2010 was an amazing year for us here at Ectomachine. We added some great talent to our team, learned a lot of new techniques, and most importantly had the chance to work on some amazing projects alongside some very like minded and great clients. Now that we are approaching a new year we expect the best has yet to come for us and we are just getting started. We are going to start off 2011 just right with a redesign of Ectomachine that we hope to launch in early spring so keep your eyes open. Until next time..

Happy holidays everyone!

Fax Shadow
September 20, 2010

Well it’s official. It’s time to return to that old sinking feeling when one of the best things is going missing for awhile. Yes, you heard it everyone. Summer is over. This is a bummer for a myriad of reasons that we could get into but instead of doing that we will embrace the colder months with approaching holidays and awesome jobs we are excited about.

This past summer was astounding to say the least for us but one of the most important things that has come about is we have added a new member to our team. Can he design like a bad ass? Check. Can he shred like a bad ass? Check. Yea, just in case you were wondering that is all we expect of anyone who works with us. His name is Portland and is the founder of the design agency SonsOfNero who specialize in Album art, print, and merchandise. He has jumped right in to some of our projects and has killed it every time. In fact you can check out one of the first collaboration pieces we have done in our identity section for our new client Tackle Express. You can also find him on Twitter so give him a follow.

Also over the past month we have launched the website for our new client and good friend Albert (Private) Grave. Albert is an illustrator and aspiring tattoo artist who approached us with a very unique vision and theme for his website. He wanted to create something dark but still have a little tongue and cheek humor to back it up all while displaying his sketches, drawings, blog posts, poetry and travel pictures. This project has some of my favorite work of ours so you should definitely check out the site for Private Grave here.

Even though Summer is leaving us we have a lot of great new projects coming up so keep checking in.

Come Original
August 3, 2010

We are now in the thick of summer and as I currently type this it is currently 104 degrees here in Oklahoma. Yes, that’s correct 1-0-4. But we love it, warm weather is just too much fun to complain. While it’s been scorching outside it’s been equally as hot here at ECTOMACHINE. We have been busy as usual and would like to share a couple of projects we have been working on.

Last week we saw the launch of the custom website we created for Word Refuge. Word Refuge is a boutique advertising shop specializing in Creative SEO Copywriting Services. It was both a privilege and an honor to work on this site. We started from a blank slate on this project and saw it through from stage one. From the branding to the content management system, we built the complete package for Word Refuge and it payed off ten fold. We have already received tons of great feedback on the site along with features on CSSMania, The Best Designs, The CSS Awards, and many many more. So don’t waste any time and go check out Word Refuge!

Also with the completion of Word Refuge we have a new begun yet another blank slate project that has landed on our desks and this one has us excited beyond belief! The project is called Private Grave and is being created for illustrator / aspiring tattoo artist Albert Grave. We can’t show off any design or development work just quite yet but you can check the out the logo for the project now in our Identity section.

We have seen a huge surge in new project leads over the summer but that doesn’t mean we aren’t here to tackle your next project. So give us a shout, we would love to hear from you!

Boys of Summer
June 29, 2010

It’s officially summer, and for us that means three things. Beautiful weather, excellent parties, and slamming Will Smith songs to sum up EXACTLY how we feel right now. Ok that last one was a bold faced lie but we are very excited about this summer and we are even more excited about the work that has been coming our way. We have a some big projects that we will be releasing this summer but to start it off right let us introduce one of the personal favorites.

A couple of months back we were contacted by Sons of Nero, a design agency who we have kept up with and admired through the years and in their own right are one hundred percent on top of their game. They approached us to create a website for a band called Every Time I Die. Being listeners of this band made this opportunity even more sweet so we jumped right on it. From design, to development, to the CMS we carefully attacked the project with as much precision as possible and wanted to make it something to remember, so go check out the site HERE!

Yes this news post is short but we have been working like crazy and can’t wait to show off the new work this summer. From new album art, to new logos, and new websites. It’s all coming!

Keep tuning in..